Monday, October 20, 2008

The Warrior Challenge

Was terrific. Man, what a day. Cold, foggy, gray. If it weren't for an event, I'd be griping about the weather. Sean Binkley, Katie Kettler and I were the team named "Two Sissies and a Hot Chick". We were awesome, if I may say so.

We rode 20+ hard on our mountain bikes, but almost none on trails, and ran at least 4 on some good trail. We had some, um, significant navagation issues, but who cares? We weren't home on our arses! Not sure how we did, yet. Results aren't posted just now. I will say, that were our navagation perfect, we'd have killed everyone. Just wait until next year.

If anyone is AT ALL interested in adventure racing, I will say it is the most fun I've had on events, and minute-to-minute, you won't enjoy an event more. is a fantastic organization, too. If you have any questions or want to get started, just get in touch. I'll do what I can to help!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Collins Ride - Off Pavement

We've gone on gravel twice, and it has been great. The roads, even with the rain we've had, have been smooth rolling, and fast. It is getting dark at about the same time we're getting back, though, so we need to start bringing lights. It has also been considerably cooler so I'd suggest wearing some sleeves.

Kevin and Sandy say they had a great time at their first Cyclocross events this weekend in K.C. Others are upcoming. I'll be happy to link to events if there is any interest.

Kudos to Nick for last week's efforts. He rode his Wal-Mart bike, complete with cobwebs, on the 13 miler we pulled off. That thing weighs 35+ pounds, and makes more eerie sounds than a Ford.

Attendance has been dropping off - come on out next Monday at 6:15. We'll go 14-16.

Check out the website for the Warrior Challenge (top right corner of this blog), and think about coming along. It'll be a killer good time, and plenty of work.


Friday, September 26, 2008


It's ON! Meet tomorrow (Saturday, September 27) at 10:00 am in Robinson, Kansas. If you've never been there, don't worry, you'll see the start line from almost anywhere in town.

This will be a group ride, with a bunch of great people, some of whom are in great shape (that's the nice way to say it, right?). I've not been involved in route discussion, but last year we rode a hilly 25 miles on chip-and-seal roads.

It'll be a good time. Come on along!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back at it!

I'd like for this blog really to be about the athelets in Hiawatha, and surrounding area. More and more of the people I spend time with are intrigued, and are kicking A**, in athletic endeavors. It is a terrific time to be in Hiawatha - because without even trying, we're developing some awesome community.

Some of us are running together, some of us ride bikes. A few still find ways to swim, too. Let me know what you do, and I'll try to hook us all up somehow! Also, keep me posted on your events, special training, or anything else that is pertinent and interesting - we'll get it on the blog.

Please log on, and feel free to comment. I reserve the right to kick your tail off if you are offensive, insulting, or in any other way rude to the coolest people in town. Otherwise, I'd be glad to have you join us.

FYI - The Collins Ride is going off-pavement. Starting this Monday, at 6:20 pm, we ride on knobbies. Bring your cross bikes or mountain bikes and we'll try 12-15 on gravel. Also, bring your portable pumps and spare tubes, because the gravel is where you'll need them. If you don't have a gravel rig, e-mail me, and I'll try to find a decent loaner. And maybe bring lights. It is getting darker sooner these days, eh?

Any questions, just send me an email:


Monday, June 16, 2008

The Collins Ride

A new event, so far regularly scheduled on Monday nights at 6:20 pm. Meets at the Fisher Center in Hiawatha, Kansas, and we go where the roads lead us locally. This is a no-drop, no pressure ride focused on bicycle evangalism and the social side of cycling.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

NSC Racing Run and Roll Rock and Roll

Teerific event. Highly recommend anything you want to do with this organization.

Crazy event - 9 transitions on the short course. Kayaking, biking, running, and slogging through swampy cramp to get checkpoints. It was Killer. Sean Binkley and I did it today - and it was completely worthwhile.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4 falls, not 2??? Dirty Kanza Scandal.

So, I guess it depends on how you count them. Yeah, I wiped out really well once, and did bleed. The second "fall" was more like tipping over. I was still buzzing from the first wipe out and trying to get back on the bike when I more or less rolled over because I couldn't get out of the clips. The subsequent "falls" were true contact with ground, and embarrasing, but were really just more my pedals (poorly chosen gear, I guess) and gentle periods of gravel evaluation and one-armed push-ups, which were all part of my strategy. My reporting was no more questionable than the Enron techniques for reporting profit. Please see the account from Randy Gregorcyk, the now recognized gentleman with whom I rode no fewer than 20 really rough miles. Thanks to Randy for bringing the truth to light, however subjective that truth might be.

I hope to see him on the course again next year.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More on the DK.

Checkpoint 2

The two benevolent souls who stopped to help me when I was ready to shriek in rage and bust all my spokes near the end of the race were #41 Jeff Dick, and #67 Raymond Mulnix. If you guys read this just know how much your help meant. Let me know where to send the check for the tube, CO2, and at least one round of your favorite sports drink.

The results are posted, and I placed 30th. The gentleman with whom I was pulling away from the pack at mile 95 was #62 John Mathias. He and his son Cody are preparing for the Leadville 100 -Congrats on the DK and good luck racing Floyd!

#397 Warren Wiebe is the single speed monster that pulled me up the bald face Texaco hill. He unfortunately DNF'd secondary to threat of gastric ejection. Still not certain which Randy I rode with in the first half. There are two listed. Will post that when the photos are available.

I am still buzzing on the post-event high. I've been checking out lots of race reports and comparing notes - there are some great reports out there. The stories have me reliving moments out there on the gravel, which is just fine.

I want to thank everyone at Heartland Race. You all did a great job, and I had a killer day.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Dirty Kanza 200.

Man. It was AMAZING. These are my legs about 10 minutes after finishing and about 10 seconds before the shower. I'm not wearing socks.

Mile 0-50: Police escort out of town to gravel. Then, I rode with the front group in two pacelines for about 5 miles until the top guys went off the front and we started into hills. We splintered into lots of smaller groups and I yo-yo'd between different packs. At about 20 we started into the meandering roads you see from the turnpike. I hooked up with a rider named Randy at about mile 40 and we rode to mile 65 together - enjoyed his company, and he kept me sane over the roughest terrain of the ride. We had cool, grey skies, and very little breeze. Checkpoint at Casey's in Madison, Kansas at about 9:15.

Mile 50-100: Took off with a group of 5. Randy and I stayed together for the next 16, or so, the other riders fell back. It was in this area that I wrecked twice. Only one fall really hurt. Really rough stuff, and the dirt in my Look pedals meant that I just couldn't unclip fast enough to get a foot down. We passed several water crossings up to the crankset, and I even bashed my large chainring on a rock through this area. Randy started fading and encouraged me to keep going. About the same time another rider named Warren and I rode together. We took turns pulling on what was likely the longest and hardest climb of the entire route. We went about 3 miles to the top of long ridge in the middle of the flint hills, into a now 15 mph southerly headwind. It was good to go tandem. Warren really had it for hills, and finished a good 150 yards ahead of me at the top. We cruised together for a couple of miles recooping, then we caught a tailwind. He was on a single speed, and was geared low enough that I just eased ahead. I probably overworked the last 25 or so into Cottonwood Falls, but the tailwind made riding flow. Made the 100 mile mark at about 1:30 pm.

Pit Stop: My awesome family was there with a terrific variety of food. Clara, the 4 year-old, cleaned up a scratch on my elbow, while Elliot, 11, and Naomi, 9, made sure the Camelback and water bottles were full. Cindy even had a camping mat out so I could lay down briefly. It was as refreshing to see them as it was to refuel.

Miles 100-150: Almost called it quits. I'd taken a longish break and Warren had caught me. We left C.F. together, and we'd talked about working together into the wind until mile 119 when we'd have another push from the tailwind. That worked well, until he dropped me at 106. I just didn't have the power to push hills. I was looking at 13 miles of windy rollers and my family was probably still in Cottonwood Falls, able to take me home and off my aching "contact point". I felt completely empty. I told myself that if I still felt like crap at 119, I'd bag it and head back. Lunch kicked in, and I started riding very conservatively. I refused to pedal if I was going 17 mph or faster, and I wouldn't go under my own power over 15 mph. I felt pretty shaky and my confidence was gone, but I kept pedaling. I met a guy named Chris at about 135 who was walking with his bike, after he'd had a blow out and cut his tire. Stopped for a while, helped him repair and gave him my last spare tube. This turned out to bite me in the rear later. He's a good guy and I'm glad to have met him. Other riders saved me later in the race, so it all comes around. Shortly thereafter we got on pavement for about 12 miles back into C.F. for the last rest-stop. No idea what time I was there. Maybe 7:30 pm.

Miles 150-200: Left C.F. by myself, but there were several cyclists there. I had fueled heavily and refilled everything. I was still riding carefully, but feeling stronger. Beautiful sunset. I rode by myself for the first 25 miles, when I missed a turn and got an additional 5 miles in. As I backtracked I got to the turn with 3 other riders, and we rode together into the dusk. My light just sucked, so I stopped to fix it and lost them. The farther I rode, the faster I got, though, and by mile 185 had caught them again. We picked up 6 additional riders in the next 3 miles and as a group rode 10 strong for a few miles. Two of us came off the front and we were really cruising. I couldn't believe how good I felt, and we were rolling smoothly, efficiently, and getting faster. I was ready for a fast 5 miles and a sprint finish. By 195 we had at least 90 seconds on the pack behind us. I know, because I had time to check it out when I got my FLAT TIRE. It was a complete blow-out pinch flat. And as I mentioned earlier, I had given away my last spare tube. Plus, I didn't know that Slime filled tubes don't hold patches well because cleaning them in the dark doesn't get that Slime off, so the glue won't stick and you have to fix another flat at mile 196!!!!!!

Two really nice guys stopped, took pity on me, gave me a tube, filled it with their CO2 and took off. I put the wheel back on the bike, and hammered in at well over 20 mph, 20 min. down, and at least 10 places less than I might otherwise have finished. My son said I pulled in at 17 hrs, 27 min.

The "contact point" was hamburger. I was filthy and smelly and elated. The goal really was to finish, and we got that done. I'm still buzzing on the experience. My lower back and shoulders are a little stiff, but I'm not sore anywhere except the saddle area.

I could type for pages about this experience. I'm eager to see results on the DK web page, and to see the photos of the event. More on this over the next couple of days. I'm headed off to work and back into the real world.


Friday, May 30, 2008


To my lovely wife, Cindy! She and my kiddos (3) have graciously given me time to train, allowed me the budget to buy my bike, and all the stuff that goes with it, and they are even going to crew for me this weekend! My family is long-suffering and generous beyond measure.

To Steve Fuller, Joe Fox and Ari for their comments. I'll look forward to meeting Steve and Joe at the DK.

Thanks also to the Trek Bicycle Store in Omaha (on 84th) - with the deal they cut me on Accel Gel, they are as close to a sponsor as I'll ever get. Miah - one of the managers there - has been awesome keeping me going with occasional maintenance, and other support. There is good bike zen in that shop.

Onward! We are just about to load the van to go to Emporia now. We'll stop at the High Gear bike shop. They've been great about returning phone calls and answering questions about this event. I need a little tweaking on the rear derailleur before tomorrow and they are going to work me in.

I'm jazzed. I'm giddy, and nervous, but mostly this just feels like it is going to happen and happen well. I'll give a progress note Sunday.


Monday, May 26, 2008

A Question....

So, the DK200 is 5 days away. I have a great many thoughts on the topic and a few important questions.

I am fairly certain, barring a big mechanical, I'm going to finish. Here's my stragegy:

In strong winds: Keep pedaling.
Deep mud: Keep pedaling.
Rough road: Keep pedaling.
Flat tires: Fix 'em, keep pedaling.
Dark: Keep pedaling. Turn on the lights.
Tornado/storm: Pedal until something dry shows up. When it blows over, keep pedaling.

It is pretty simple, but I can't find a problem with any of it.

The big question: DO I SHAVE MY LEGS?????
Lance says he does it so that when he wrecks he won't have to pick the hair out of the road rash. I've done that, and it did hurt. Not sure it is worth the itch when stuff grows back, though.

The family is coming along to crew - which is awesome.

I'll have a couple of short rides over the next few days to keep the legs fresh. More as events warrant!


Friday, May 23, 2008

New tires!

Got some Ritchey Speedmax Pro's on the Fuji today. Felt good. Was more comfortable on the looser stuff, and was descending at one point over 28 mph on today's ride.

Also gave the Fuji a bath today, did some nuttin' and boltin'.

The DK is only 8 days!


Friday, May 16, 2008

The taper.

Will start a little earlier than I'd like. Got big family stuff this weekend that just is really more important than what I'm doing on the bike. I'm lucky that way.

Went 68+ today, on gravel, all over Brown County. It was terrific. Lots of farmers are out planting right now. Most of them waved at me before I had the chance to wave at them. Nice folk. Passed lots of tractors and spraying rigs - beautiful day to be out. The roads are in good shape right now.

Had 3 flats today. Time for new tires anyway. Each was a distinct puncture in a different place. I only had one tube, so I had to patch two of them. Really slowed me down, but was good experience. Rumor has it the DK is guaranteed to puncture most tires a few times.

Good to be riding in the heat again. Got close to 80 degrees today. It'll be good training for the wide range of temps we'll likely experience on May 31st.

More soon.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friend or Foe?

I passed this thing on the way into town today. Following these really isn't bad as they tend to scrape at least a few inches of flat, dry fast hard pack, but being behind the gravel trucks Sucks. I've been advised to run 35 mm wide tires at the least during the DK. The gravel trucks have about got me convinced.
What a beautiful day for a ride! Winds less than 15mph, sunshine and mostly dry roads. It was an awesome time. The goal for the day was to stay between 15-17 mph on average, which was very easy to do. I'll still do some speedwork and a couple of longer rides, but to go 200 I'll need to keep my head on, stay aerobic, keep the adrenaline to a minimum, and plan for miles and miles ahead.
I keep thinking about whether or not I'll hook up with comparable riders, and stay with them for a short while, or a big section of the route. I've accomplished every single mile of training alone, and haven't done a lot of riding in groups. Doing so on gravel likely poses a significant challenge for experienced group riders. I'm hopeful that I'll get the occasional draft, and be able to take my turn at the front. With a starting pack of 75 I expect there'll be a wide range of speed, and perhaps a few people that I'll be able to work with.
Get out and ride! When this is over, all my local riding friends need to hook up for regular rides of reasonable distances!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another break.

Was going to ride long this weekend, but just couldn't make it happen. I've had some call time, wierd diet days. Went to get on the bike, and just couldn't. I didn't have any physical symptoms that I'd overtrained, but with other stuff, maybe I had. I've lost about 10 pounds in the last 3 months, intentionally, but maybe I'm hitting the protein too hard. Don't know. I've been off the bike for 4 days, and still feel the need to get a century in this week - on gravel.

My legs are aching to get back, and I think I'm ready to get going again. Will look to peak, of course, on or about the 31st.

Looking for crew, if you know anyone available!



Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Check this out...

A friend, who likely wishes to remain nameless, just had this thing custom designed and built. It's very light for its size, feels like you are sitting in a recliner, and has disc brakes bigger than the front axle of my Mazda. He's off to a great start with it, too - working to reclaim the fitness he had as a cyclist a few years back. He's a little out of practice, but working hard. We rode on a trail in Nebraska last weekend where this picture was taken - had a blast. I like the trike idea. No numb hands, no raw 'taint, no need to lean into the wind, and it would take some doing to tip the thing.
Cool, huh?

Some places I've been today.....

That hill in the distance is less daunting up close, but was part of an awesome workout. The gravel you see was a much bigger problem. It is loose, and coarse, and brand spanking new. Great for bike handling experience, and for considering a suspension seat post.

Was on at least 4 of these today. Got the knobbies on the 'cross bike, otherwise, I'd still be out there. These are the best places in the world to ride. No traffic, almost no trash or pollution, precious few dogs, and hills that no else has ridden in a long, long time.
The Zen was terrific. If you'd ever like to get out and explore, just let me know.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Nick is a good guy, and one of the best guys to train with you'll ever meet.

Nick is in the hospital, and he's sick. Won't go into details, but he's hurting and will likely be there a couple of days yet. Then, he might have to go back for more. Sucks.

If you're the praying sort, please remember him as you speak with the Ultimate Healer. I'd appreciate it.

I'll probably keep you posted.


What did you learn today?

Gravel adds another big dimension. Wind and hills are an everyday thing around here. You let the wind push you around a little, you tuck, relax, and push back. Hills let you work out the kinks and give a place to leave the day behind.

Hills make you strong. Wind makes you mean. Gravel makes you patient.

I was on freshly maintained "gravel" roads for about 25 miles today. Some of the surface was powdery and made me plow easily. The rest was fresh coarse gravel and I swear my front wheel worked like a ski that gave me only minimal grip as my teeth rattled in my head. Regardless, the approach to the surface was to go slowly, handle the bike, and wait to see what happened after the next intersection. All while riding 30++mph gusts and sliding around on Brown County Hills.

This has got to be great training for almost anything. Really enjoyed it. Today was also the first time I was able to ride in any heat - which was AWESOME. That'll take some getting used to.

Tomorrow is a complete rest day, and I'm looking to do a long ride this Friday.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Trans-Iowa.

Has anyone been following this? I would actually like to do this event someday, but cripes sake! Check out the website:
The audio clips are interesting, and worth the few minutes they'll take to listen.

The event was terribly hampered by typhoon winds, snow, below-freezing wind chills, and MUDSLIDES. In Iowa. What the hell?! Some roads were unfit for MOUNTAIN BIKES.

I've been whining about weather for the better part of two months, and am feeling a little more justified about it.

I absolutely expect similarly crazy weather at the DK200. Maybe a little less snow, but tornadoes are within reason, as are hail, rain, lightning, locust infestation, black plague.... There will be wind - we are in Kansas. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to have about 4 changes of clothing on the route, and maybe one change of tires.

I'm off to church, where I will pray for balmy temperatures, peaceful skies, wofting breezes, and crazy-fast hardpack.

Ride often, safely, and well.


Saturday, April 26, 2008


I came home from Omaha again today. It was a beautiful day. This trip, however, I actually had a headwind/Westerly wind that worked against me for about the first half of the trip. After that, the day was oddly still - it is almost NEVER that way in Kansas this time of year.

I've had almost 2 weeks off of the bike due to abysmal weather, and several unexpected long nights and early mornings at work. I'm going to start taking some days off in the next couple of weeks just to be certain that I can get the mid-week rides in that are pretty important.

Todays trip was tough. By the time the wind died I'd spent well over half my effort on less than half of the ride (finally calmed down about mile 55). After that it was head games with myself, just trying to stay on the bike, and not call for a rescue. By mile 115 I was cooked. My hill-top speeds were just under 10 mph, and my best downhill speed was about 21 mph. Total ride time was 7:30, and those last miles weren't pretty. To top it all, I forgot the chamois butter, and my "contact point" is hamburger. I was pulling in the driveway about the same time the rain started though, so it's all good.

Didn't cramp. This is a very big deal as a good many of the longer rides I've had in recent memory did cause cramping. Once you cramp, you might as well go home. Even if you "recover" well, you still hurt, and more cramps are coming. I'm using Hammer Nutrition's Perpetum, and Accel Gel by Endurox. I think that the protein component, and extra potassium have made the majority of the difference. I am also eating salty snacks (Cornnuts) through the rides, which settles my stomach, and keeps the legs from getting too tight. I used to laugh at the duffers who cramped. When did I get old?

I can't say I enjoyed most of the ride today. Motorists were cool. I spent a lot of time focused on relaxing, breathing, and persevering, and as training goes, it was awesome experience - but not fun. Practice running on empty is pretty important, I'm guessing.

I will be back into training mode full-bore over the next couple of weeks. I really only have three more weeks of rigorous training to do before I need to start tapering for the DK200.

Glad to be back on the saddle.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Onward for everyone!

Kevin and Sandy went to Florida this weekend to participate in a Tri with other family members - haven't heard yet how that went, but they are so awesome at what they do, I'm sure they did well.

Nick had his first Tri of the year - still haven't heard how it went, but he's battling shin splints, so I'll be eager to report his success.

I just had a good ride today, too. Rode from Omaha to Hiawatha in about 6.5 hours. It was all on pavement, so I'm going to try a gravel century soon (hopefully the roads will be dry by next weekend!).

Hope your training is awesome, too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tee-rific progress, still crap weather, though.

The new bike is here. Photos soon. Came with pretty much original equipment, stickers (why???) and looking a little worn. Needed a little tune-up, too. Absolutely perfect.

Now, it has Ultegra rims, Ultegra rear derailleur, FSA threadless headset, nicely adjusted cables and cleaned up quite a little bit. Ready to roll.

Sunday weather is supposed to be a little better, and I'm going to be in Omaha, so I probably going to try and ride it home. Wind is supposed to be out of the north. The setup is pretty cush, and heavy. Oughta be good, huh?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Congrats to Joe!!

Joe, a friend in town, just finished his 1st 1/2 marathon - and did it in just under 2 hours. Good Job!

In other important local news - Come and join local athelets for the 1st annual Cinco de Mayo Cinko K (5K). It is, of course, going to happen on May 5th, and will start at 5:55 pm at the First Street Bar and Grill here in Hiawatha, Kansas. Registration is $10 and is open until the start of the race. Medals, awards, and good food to follow. Proceeds to go to a good cause.


Friday, April 4, 2008


I am loving life. Just got back from a 68 miler. Would've been longer but guests were arriving this afternoon, and I didn't get my butt out of bed in time to go further. Cramped a little, too, which slowed me down (note to self - do NOT drink 1/2 pot of coffee before a ride). Got 'er done in about 3:45. I've been a little worried about the DK 200, and I'm still concerned about being able to approach this as a race, but I've little doubt at this point that I'll finish. I'll be able to crank out a few centuries before training distances taper.

Rural roads are crappy sloppy mud right now, and will likely be that way for a while with the rain we expect over the next week. The new bike should be here this weekend - will probably try and find some partially passable roads for a short trial.

Hope your training is benefitting from this awesome weather! Going to be a great weekend.


Monday, March 31, 2008

A good day.....

Got out this Sunday after a great Friday/Saturday visit with my Sister and her family. They're awesome.

So was this ride. Totally gray day, cool with a northeasterly wind. The roads have really dried out now, and I didn't see a bit of mud. One of many goals this year is to ride EVERY SINGLE rural road in Brown County. Thought I'd get started. All of the roads were passable, though some were really rough. The roads which were formerly mucked up are now bone dry and actually pretty fast if you can stay out of the ruts. There are also a number of patches of fresh gravel on more frequently traveled areas, mostly on shady slopes (aka downhills). The toughest part of getting over every road is simply getting TO the roads. There are so many roads out or closed that you simply cannot efficiently access them all in any sort of linear way, and current maps aren't necessarily all that accurate.

I made it over almost 50 miles worth. The first half of which were into the wind. Road the Pig (my Specialized FSR) and I'm quite certain I hit a few places bikes haven't seen for a long, long time. It is hilly as anything here, and conservatively I'd guess I climed 4,500 feet. Got done in just over 3:30.

I'm really hoping that my new bike helps speed things up. I'll lose 11+ pounds, and a LOT of rolling resistance switching to cyclocross, not to mention a more aero position.

Next week I'm hopeful to go 75 miles. We'll see. The rain we're expecting is likely to return a good many roads to slop. If nothing else, I'll get the road bike back out and get 5+ hours on pavement. Weather permitting I'll go on Friday -

Friday, March 28, 2008

50 Hills Cancelled.

This freaking weather. Sorry. Rain, wind, and cold. I may try to tackle this later in the year. Like August. When winter might actually be over.

Not sure about the DK 200, either. I'm just not getting the training in that will likely be required.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Minivan Salvation

Today's ride was terrific. Really hammered the first 24 miles or so, the first 20 of which were into 20mph+ sustained winds. Then the wind turned, came back into my face, and drove some really chilly rain. Plenty of it. The temp dropped and parts of me started getting numb. The first time I tried to call my lovely and supportive Wife, I didn't have a signal. 3 miles later she answered, jumped in the Mercury Villager and came to my aid. I was only 5 miles from home, but they were all northerly miles, and into the storm. Still, got 30. Wore shorts, too, because the temp when I left the house was 70!!!!!

Teerific that spring seems to be here. The gravel miles are much more enjoyable than I'd anticipated. I'm not at all surprised at the beauty of Brown County - Glad to be doing it.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

50 Hills update!

Saturday, March 29th, at 9:00.

I'll be at the bottom of the hill, warmed up and ready for lap #1. If weather stinks or wind is unbearable I'll give plenty of warning right here, hopefully at least 24 hours before the ride.

I'm currently working on a spot on the hill where I can set up a "staging area", where we can hang out, rest, refuel, fill water bottles, etc. More on that when I've got it buttoned up. I'll be bringing an ample supply of water and Gatorade, and maybe some endurance-sport fuels, etc. Bring your own favorites, lawn chairs, and bicycles. I expect to be on the hill at least 6 hours and will enjoy having friends to ride with/ride by.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not the best day to try gravel....

But I had a GREAT workout. And learned a little bike-handling. Didn't take long to figure out that ditches were every bit as viable a route as the road. Felt great to get in some good hills once I got past this soupy stuff. I only got 13 in, but they were terrific for heart rate and strength training. I actually called 5 people to see if they wanted to come along - funny thing that I couldn't find a taker.

Getting ready for the 50 Hills. Start riding hills and join me!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

50 Hills

The Ride:

The Hill on North 6th street, Hiawatha, Kansas, 1/2 mile north of Hatfield road to the intersection at 240th street. 50 times.


Not quite sure, but it'll be well over 80 miles. More specifics as I scout the route a little more carefully.


Just cuz, but mostly because I need to train for the Dirty Kanza 200.


Last weekend in March. Only the worst weather will postpone this gutcheck.

Come along for any of the trips up the hill. Ride one or ride for the long haul! Bring your water bottles and a positive attitude, and help me get to 50!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Back at it!

Friends and I who race and train together recently got together to decide on a few events. We all have different goals and outside obligations, but we've managed to select a few adventure races. I'm also doing the Dirty Kanza 200, and some of the guys have longer mountain bike rides/triathalons in mind.

I'm dieting for the first time ever. I discovered last week that my body-fat is up to a 15%. This is as high as I ever been, with a weight of 180.5 lbs. I can honestly say that while the discipline needed for weight loss is a reward all by itself, dieting generally sucks. I'm going to lose about 8 pounds.

I've not been on the bike, but am running and doing elliptical work when the time allows. I've got a new HRM and am eager to see how it impacts training.

Do well. Be in touch!