Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm an idiot, and I can prove it.

In the last 5 years or so, I've got better than 18,000 miles on the bike. You'd think I know better.

So today, after having ridden only 60 miles in the last 3 months, I decide to crank out 40 miles, leaving the house at noon. On a brutally hot day. Heat index 105.

Now, I took 3L of water, plenty of calories and lytes. At 10 miles, I thought I should turn around, just a little too great a challenge as I began heading into the wind. At 15 I thought I'd catch a tailwind, just go 5 more, turn around, cruise homeward. At 20 realized wind direction had changed, and started feeling a little less fresh (WARNING IDIOT!).

I'd been planning the route for the day, and I was not about to wimp out and cut the route, sooner or later I'd have a tailwind and 2 hours later I was pretty sure things would cool off. (YOU FREAKING IDIOT!) I stopped for 20+ minutes whose house was on the route. Cooled off a little bit, and a fleeting thought suggested I call my wife for a ride home. Didn't, because I'm not brilliant.

I pounded some calories, felt a little fresher, and of course, 7 miles from home, thought I should finish strong. But I wasn't strong, I just had a little break. I was being an idiot. So I hammered every hill. Well, about 4 hills. Then felt really shaky, and really sacked, weak, really just done. Did call for help. Finally, because I was getting wiser.

Came home, showered, ate, felt a little sleepy and laid down for what I anticipated would be a 15 minute rest. 2 hours later, awoke from the sleep of the dead and realized that I had been....AN Idiot.