Monday, March 30, 2009

On the importance of sleep....

When I don't sleep well, I don't feel like riding. So, I don't ride well. Went to Omaha with friends, stayed out late, was up early to jet home for other obligations. Tried to ride on Sun. (didn't get the chance on Sat.), it was chilly and windy, and I couldn't motivate. I just wanted a nap, only got 25 on my road bike. I'm not a fair weather rider. I'll go out in a monsoon, when motivated to do so.

Rest is the key. I will say, that I worked those hills, and it felt good to get muscles tightened on those things.

More soon. Longer rides forthcoming.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

The pasture...

Just some idea of where I ride on really windy days (like today), or days when I need a rest day with just a little oomph (like today). Not all of the trail is this cut - but there are a couple of us doing enough laps that it will be soon.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

I almost believe it!

Spring might just be here to stay! Got 40+ on gravel. I did the first 7 in my big chain ring, because I have read, yet another article, about some rider with steroid-induced quads who rode across the Rockies in his big chainring. What a load. This is like bragging that you rode 70 miles without taking fluids. Sure, I guess it means that you've suffered unduly to achieve a goal you could have knocked out faster and more comfortably, with less risk and chance for injury, and I guess that means it is "cool".

After 7 hilly miles, I started using my god-given gears and had a much better day. Not sure where I stand with the whole single-speed thing. Doesn't matter. See other articles for my own experiments with cycling. Oh, check out the latest, here too, on the Sh*tbike.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Short rides.

Great night for one last night. Loving this weather. Took my old Specialized out and rode some singletrack carved into a pasture close to town, spent about an hour out there before spending the rest of the evening with friends.

I am almost starting to believe that I'll be in shape for the DK. Supposed to rain this weekend, but it'll be something like 60 degrees, so I'll get my "breathable"* rain gear and get out. Way the heck out - just realized I've got about 10 weeks to ramp up, so it'll be all about saddle time. Come on along for part or all of the fun!

*whatever that means. H20 is actually a smaller molecule than CO2, how does gas exchage occur? And how does the water in my sweat get out without water from the rain getting in? I honestly think a trashbag has the same properties as my pricey boutique jacket.

Ride often, long, and hard.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ahhhhh, Spring.

Beats weed-wackin'. Lots of fields were going up today, had that campfire scent walking in the house after the ride today.

Went GREAT. Ran 2 to warm up. 35+ miles of hills. Really worked those. Kept the muscle tension high, used my smallest 5 sprockets on the 39 up front, and worked all downhills in the big chainring. Still had gas at the end, was back on gravel with a new chain on the 'cross. Terrific weather today - had a headwind for the first half, did have a minimal headwind tangentially on about half the return, but really felt great pulling in with the wind at my back.

Few more rides at this length or a little longer, then will start going really long.


Monday, March 9, 2009

50 and 35

It was a good weekend. Saturday, the family was heading to Omaha for in-law stuff. Took off a couple of hours ahead of the minivan and got 50 before they caught me. It was cold, and wet and windy, and I was going into it most of the way. It was killer training, albeit not very comfortable. Averaged about 14.7 mph, which wasn't so hot, but the wind and I got reacquainted.

Yesterday, my family dropped me off about 35 miles from home, and it was killer. Had a tailwind the first half, and sunshine the last. Just flowed - got to really work, and feel fast. Still had plenty of power and energy into the homestretch, which bodes well for training in weeks to come. Averaged 19.7 mph. Much speedwork to do.

And hey - the middle of this week is supposed to get cold again, but the evenings are going to be well-lit now! Call if you want to ride or run - I am increasingly eager to bump the intensity.