Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Average MPH

Goal: More base miles - met
Lesson: Patience pays. 

Strava says I did 22.6 at 14.5 mph, which is a step in the right direction.  The quality of base miles is improving, actually faster than I'd thought.  I'm able to stay larger gears for longer pulls, and into headwinds.

I did a run/ride thing yesterday for nearly an hour, not sure how to make Strava work for those, but those have been great for conditioning. 

Things have changed in my personal life, I'm finding myself less pulled in multiple directions, less distracted, and with more time to ride.  There is more peace and motivation now, it's been awesome.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nite Ride

Lesson: Always carry a backup light.  I didn't, and it was a chilly/cloudy night to be picking lines on gravel in the dark. 

Goal:  Get miles.  Kinda did that, need more

22+, avg 14 mph. Not great, but I think muscle memory is starting to work, and the legs tolerated it well.  The discipline is coming back, too.  I'm less impulsive, less driven to kill every hill, and more resolute about building the base.

I REALLY need to start eating again.  I'd had one cinnamon roll all day.  Plus coffee.  I expect these rides will get longer and faster as I've just completed a major grocery run and have prepped a number of meals to take to work. 

A couple of tips for riding at night:

1) It is possible for your light to be too bright, or too white - on pavement this is much less an issue, but bright or glaring lights make surfaces look much different by minimizing shadows and making the road look like copy paper.  This means picking reliable lines on soft surfaces is less easy.  I use about 300 lumens routinely, and this works well even descending at 30 mph. 

2) Ride your night routes in the day, and know where the damn dogs are. 

3)  Be able to fuel and hydrate without looking.  And operate your lights/phone/maps.  And know what is in which pocket so that you don't have to rummage at speed on terrain.  Kind of a no brainer, but worth mentioning.

4)  I'm reminded after tonight's ride how much focus/cognitive energy it takes to ride at night.  I'm much more alert, much more vigilant, and much more trained on the road surface.  That's not a tip, but an observation.  Night riding requires practice, and the more you do the less effort it'll take (like anything else).  I think it means that at the end of the DK, when you are fatigued and still have a long way to go after dusk, being confident and rehearsed will be important.

5) Clear eye-glasses.  Bugs.  Gravel flying up from vehicles.  Wind that makes your eyes teary/vision blurry. 

I'm using Strava if anyone would like to follow progress there. 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Base miles...

Today's Goal: Ride 1+ hour, get Zen. Both accomplished.

Today's Lesson: Never rush ride prep.

A GREAT day to ride.  We've just finished with a sustained arctic blast, complete with cloudy skies and sub-zero lows. Today has been 50+ and the sun is a welcomed therapy. 

According to Strata I went a total of 15.3 miles at an avg.13.9 mph.  It is my first ride in months, and I've not taken great care of myself, but I am a little surprised at how really out-of-shape I am.  Not discouraged, not disappointed.  It is good to have an assessment of where I am starting.

I was later than I wanted to be getting ready to ride, the result was that all I'd eaten prior to the ride was a snickers.  I'd had about half a pot of coffee.  I had reasonable gear  together, and was ready for mechanical problems, weather issues, etc., but would've done better had I fueled and hydrated reasonably. 

Also.  I had to talk to myself, over and over.  I had to slip into the mantra "not fast up the hill, not hard up the hill, LONG up the hill..." I had to dial back the intensity and focus on patience.  The headwind going out was stiff, I was pedaling to maintain speed DOWNHILL, so the turn for home was a righteous moment. 

Yet again, I'm registered for the DK.  Wish me the focus to maintain the priority