Monday, May 26, 2008

A Question....

So, the DK200 is 5 days away. I have a great many thoughts on the topic and a few important questions.

I am fairly certain, barring a big mechanical, I'm going to finish. Here's my stragegy:

In strong winds: Keep pedaling.
Deep mud: Keep pedaling.
Rough road: Keep pedaling.
Flat tires: Fix 'em, keep pedaling.
Dark: Keep pedaling. Turn on the lights.
Tornado/storm: Pedal until something dry shows up. When it blows over, keep pedaling.

It is pretty simple, but I can't find a problem with any of it.

The big question: DO I SHAVE MY LEGS?????
Lance says he does it so that when he wrecks he won't have to pick the hair out of the road rash. I've done that, and it did hurt. Not sure it is worth the itch when stuff grows back, though.

The family is coming along to crew - which is awesome.

I'll have a couple of short rides over the next few days to keep the legs fresh. More as events warrant!



Ari said...

Good luck in the DK. I wish I could have gotten that weekend off to do that ride. I had a chance to do Trans Iowa and it was very windy and cold. I find that accessing food is very important in endurance racing. If everything is packed in a camelbak it is hard to get to.
from sycamore, il.

Micah said...

ari -

Thanks for your comment, and the bit of advice. I do keep gel packs handy, but it is a wise thing to keep other stuff close. Especially the salty stuff, which keeps me from cramping. We'll see you there next year.

Joe Fox said...

It sounds like you are ready for this weekend. I'll try to introduce myself tonight or tomorrow, I'm also doing Copper Triangle in August...did it last year and it was a blast.

Steve Fuller said...

Heading out to KS here in a few, with a last minute stop at my LBS. Looking forward to the ride tomorrow. Remember: Keep pedaling.