Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kansas. Weather in Kansas.

Well, like everywhere else, the folk here say you can't predict anything. I'm getting better. IF I am entered in a challenging event, I can be reasonably certain that there will be crap weather until the date of the event. Crap meaning rain, cold, ice, and mud from hell, everywhere. Thankfully, the day of the event ends up being 80 and overcast, which is perfect for racing. We're in the crap phase now.

Torched my Ultegra rear derailleur yesterday in mud over my rims, which didn't even look that wet until I was buried in it. Somehow picked up a rock, which went over the first pulley, locked up the drivetrain and yanked the rear derailleur OVER the rear axle. I had two gears coming home. At least the chain didn't break!

Ran 2 before the ride, and one after, just to make sure the tank was empty. The legs still felt amazing though, even though I'd gone 30+, the first half into 20+ sustained headwinds. Feels good to know I'll have some punch when I get to the start line. Just need to start going a LOT longer to be sure the punch will be there at mile 195!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Craving the Zen

Don't know how crazy you can get craving bike zen, but I feel like I'm wanting to burst out of a cage or something. I listen to my riding songs and ride the trainer, but I just don't get the rush like I do climbing like a banshee. Guess Zen is more a peace thing, I'm ready to bust out like the Hulk. And on good days, I look just like him, without the green tempera paint.

The rolling hills around here are silly putty. I've tried to ride them, and there is no joy in the effort as yet. Too much muck, wind and rain. It's coming though, and the legs are ready to kill.

I'll let you know when I've scorched the sinew!