Sunday, September 15, 2013

I still remember how to ride...

Was out for a little this morning.  Since the last post I have done a very little bit of riding, but also:

Have been divorced.
Have tried a relationship.
Have gotten a brewery started, and am struggling to keep it going.
Am trying to rehab a house in which I live, in my spare time.
Signed up for, but did NOT ride the Dirty Kanza.  Again.

Anyway.  I got about 12 miles in.  Turned around early as looming clouds and rolling thunder in the West suggested that I should.  I'm not in shape to ride out a storm, emotionally or physically.  I did get caught, and the last 4 miles were in a lovely warm summer rain.  My thighs are tight.  My breathing is easy.  I'm drinking coffee on the back deck listening to intermittent showers on the roof.  It is so easy to overlook exercise (particularly cycling) or to consider it as expendable as things get rocky.  Cheaper than therapy!

It'd be nice to be an athlete again.  I'd like to say with conviction that I'm back on the bike.  Feels as though conviction is something I lack now, but I will say that cycling is on the radar.  I feel too good after a short effort to neglect it much longer.