Saturday, February 28, 2009

Return of Winter.

Went about 9. Was awesome. Went to a large field/open area with good ditches and hills. Snow was about 3 inches, with drifts just below the axles. I was out there for almost an hour and was having a blast, but didn't have my chamois on. Carhartt's have seams. Big, big seams. Not sure WHAT I was thinking.
Still, for all the money I've spent on high-end lycra-rayon-polyester-goretex-breathable-lightweight-hightech-namebrand clothing, farmer-wear beats it all. I wore tractor gloves and the reliable tan jumpsuit today, and stayed comfortable (until I got a little raw). Ran a couple of miles just to say I got a workout in.
I note that my seat is pointed in the wrong direction. I broke the last one off the bike last ride (snapped the bolt with my ____ of steel), and need to adjust this one some. No small part of my chafing issue today, eh?
Stay warm. Spring is certainly on its way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've had a couple of great days trying to get back to summer shape in winter weather. Spent a couple of hours riding laps in a friend's pasture last weekend, and did about 20 laps/worked on flip-turns in the pool a couple of days ago. I've been running some, and in general, am being less of a slug. I am thinking about the XTerra event in Lincoln in August, which involves 1000 m open water swim/mtb/trail run. I'm really not a tri-guy, but I'll have to work and hurt to get it to go, so why not?

Eager to get some sunny miles in soon. Today is beautiful! The weekend is going to get cold again, but more and more we're getting to spring. Cold is requisite. Cold sucks, and slows you down, but man does it get you ready for the year.

My rides are going to get long, soon. Can't wait. Come along.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hypothermia. Broken chain. What a day.

Went for a killer ride today. Felt great. The first 18, or so were fast, fun, into the wind. I was wearing a tech T, LS jersey, shorts, socks, shoes, helmet. Had sweat under the helmet. Was hydrating very well, taking gel/calories as I ought. Thought that would about do it on such a pretty day. Turns out, NO.

I broke my chain on a steep, long hill. My chain tool, made by Giant, broke (I'll vent about that later). So, I called my sweeheart, who came to get me. On the drive home, I had just the hint of a chill. I was getting ready to take my MTB out to finish the day, when I suddenly LOCKED UP in the most uncomfortable rigors (shivering) I've ever had. Picture the worst fever/chill thing you can remember, then make it 10 times worse. I couldn't walk. I couldn't move my jaw, or really even use my voice. I actually felt the tiny muscles in my skin making the most remarkable goose-bumps I have ever seen. Cripes.

Made it into the shower. Was there 45 minutes, finally started to relax, pulled back the curtain to towel off, and immediately got those terrible shivers. I dove under a down blanket and my sweetie kept the hot gel-packs tucked around me. I was out of it. Couldn't think straight, actually had some fairly clouded thought, and every time I moved, those chills just kicked my ass. Finally, after about 2 1/2 hours, I got dressed in super-warm clothes, took some Tylenol, hydrated, got major calories. As I type, if I move too much I still get some fairly impressive chills. And I'm still not quite right. Man. Even as I sit here, 5 hours later, my pulse is 110, and I get winded walking up the basement steps. (pulmonary edema???).

So, moral of the story, 1) wear more than you think you need, 2) not every mechanical is a bad thing. My broken chain may have kept me out of the E.R.

My concern now, is how badly I might be injured. Hopefully my hypothalamus will reset and I'll be groovin' tomorrow. I really need some training miles.