Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More spinning!

Been on the trainer for the past few weeks. Did get one crazy killer hill workout though (see previous post). I do feel like the aerobic side is coming back, but when I take it out on the road I realize how much less intense the trainer actually is.

On the hill repeats, I did 3/8 mile hills west of town about 6 miles. First one up, even with a decent warmup, just killed. Burned my lungs, my legs were killing me, and by the time I got to the top I honestly was so out of breath that I was a little panicky. Got the bicarb going and hills 2-5 were okay. Interestingly, the rollers coming home were awesome quick and strong. Just needed that workout to wake up the legs and lungs again.

Kevin and I are spinning on Tues. together, I expect we'll continue when weather gets nicer by taking the bikes on the road or gravel on Tues. evenings instead. I'll let you know when we get out of doors.

Still aiming high at the DK 200. On a whim, I entered the lottery for the Leadville 100, which was insane. But still, if I get in, I might just tune up the full-suspension rig at take it on! We'll see. There is much brewery market research to do in Colorado, after all!


P.S. I'm starting a brewery. I'm on Facebook as "Hiawatha Beverage, Inc." Join the page (become a "fan") and join me as I get this thing going!