Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Collins Ride - Off Pavement

We've gone on gravel twice, and it has been great. The roads, even with the rain we've had, have been smooth rolling, and fast. It is getting dark at about the same time we're getting back, though, so we need to start bringing lights. It has also been considerably cooler so I'd suggest wearing some sleeves.

Kevin and Sandy say they had a great time at their first Cyclocross events this weekend in K.C. Others are upcoming. I'll be happy to link to events if there is any interest.

Kudos to Nick for last week's efforts. He rode his Wal-Mart bike, complete with cobwebs, on the 13 miler we pulled off. That thing weighs 35+ pounds, and makes more eerie sounds than a Ford.

Attendance has been dropping off - come on out next Monday at 6:15. We'll go 14-16.

Check out the website for the Warrior Challenge (top right corner of this blog), and think about coming along. It'll be a killer good time, and plenty of work.


Friday, September 26, 2008


It's ON! Meet tomorrow (Saturday, September 27) at 10:00 am in Robinson, Kansas. If you've never been there, don't worry, you'll see the start line from almost anywhere in town.

This will be a group ride, with a bunch of great people, some of whom are in great shape (that's the nice way to say it, right?). I've not been involved in route discussion, but last year we rode a hilly 25 miles on chip-and-seal roads.

It'll be a good time. Come on along!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back at it!

I'd like for this blog really to be about the athelets in Hiawatha, and surrounding area. More and more of the people I spend time with are intrigued, and are kicking A**, in athletic endeavors. It is a terrific time to be in Hiawatha - because without even trying, we're developing some awesome community.

Some of us are running together, some of us ride bikes. A few still find ways to swim, too. Let me know what you do, and I'll try to hook us all up somehow! Also, keep me posted on your events, special training, or anything else that is pertinent and interesting - we'll get it on the blog.

Please log on, and feel free to comment. I reserve the right to kick your tail off if you are offensive, insulting, or in any other way rude to the coolest people in town. Otherwise, I'd be glad to have you join us.

FYI - The Collins Ride is going off-pavement. Starting this Monday, at 6:20 pm, we ride on knobbies. Bring your cross bikes or mountain bikes and we'll try 12-15 on gravel. Also, bring your portable pumps and spare tubes, because the gravel is where you'll need them. If you don't have a gravel rig, e-mail me, and I'll try to find a decent loaner. And maybe bring lights. It is getting darker sooner these days, eh?

Any questions, just send me an email: woundgoo@yahoo.com