Friday, January 16, 2015

Base miles...

Today's Goal: Ride 1+ hour, get Zen. Both accomplished.

Today's Lesson: Never rush ride prep.

A GREAT day to ride.  We've just finished with a sustained arctic blast, complete with cloudy skies and sub-zero lows. Today has been 50+ and the sun is a welcomed therapy. 

According to Strata I went a total of 15.3 miles at an avg.13.9 mph.  It is my first ride in months, and I've not taken great care of myself, but I am a little surprised at how really out-of-shape I am.  Not discouraged, not disappointed.  It is good to have an assessment of where I am starting.

I was later than I wanted to be getting ready to ride, the result was that all I'd eaten prior to the ride was a snickers.  I'd had about half a pot of coffee.  I had reasonable gear  together, and was ready for mechanical problems, weather issues, etc., but would've done better had I fueled and hydrated reasonably. 

Also.  I had to talk to myself, over and over.  I had to slip into the mantra "not fast up the hill, not hard up the hill, LONG up the hill..." I had to dial back the intensity and focus on patience.  The headwind going out was stiff, I was pedaling to maintain speed DOWNHILL, so the turn for home was a righteous moment. 

Yet again, I'm registered for the DK.  Wish me the focus to maintain the priority


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